HTS quilt pillow

    For this pillow, I used a layer cake of Pollinate Fabric by Jessica Swift for Art Gallery Fabrics. It’s gorgeous and you can find it here HOW TO MAKE A 20 INCH HTS PILLOW First, I chose my favorite 5 pieces from the bundle. (it was difficult!)  Then, I cut each of those 10×10″ squares into 4  […]

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  • How to find a gift for a ” hard to buy for person”

     Need help finding a gift for someone who is so hard to buy for? We got you! Whether it’s for someone who has everything, someone who is picky, or the person you know a gift card won’t cut it. It’s also hard to buy for people who live a minimalist life style, so all the […]

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  • Animal Party Food Ideas

    animal bday party

    Hello, party animal! From Hungry hippo dip to crocodile cookies, we can’t get enough of all the fun animal food ideas. Are you feeling the call of the wild? If so, here is a mix of mostly quick and easy animal themed party food ideas. There are also links to drink and jungle decor ideas […]

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  • Sample Post Divides Into Columns

    Liquorice pastry gingerbread gingerbread tiramisu. Bear claw sesame snaps candy chocolate bar candy pudding carrot cake tootsie roll bear claw. Marshmallow chocolate cake ice cream donut muffin. Chupa chups danish lemon drops faworki biscuit wypas halvah. Faworki oat cake gingerbread pastry apple pie wafer caramels. Wypas sweet croissant lollipop. Cotton candy gummi bears powder brownie […]

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