about jammin' threads photo of camping and quilting mother and daughter. cheers with camping cups

Don’t worry, our feelings aren’t hurt. But there are a couple things you should know. 

We’re moms. Cool moms, but still moms. Which means that we’re big on things that will survive drops and soccer games, and take a hard pass on products that have to be babied in order to survive. So go ahead, toss our drinkware in the dishwasher. It can handle it.


We’re also all about the “buy it once, use it forever” quality. Like that trusty cast iron pan that’s lived through a hundred camping trips and is still going strong? That kind of quality. 


That means you’re free to throw our quilt labels into the washing machine. Our eco-friendly specialty ink actually turns into a gas once we heat it up, which means that it will never wash or wear off. Even after some tough love, your hard work will be good to go for many generations of naptime.


Jammin Threads women owner and operated but a mother daughter duo and an amazing team of women

Who makes this stuff?

Jeanne (Left): the creative one. AKA Nana, Quilter, the Brains of the Operation 

Jodi( Right): the-also-creative-but-not-quite-as-creative-as-Jeanne one. AKA Mom, Quilter, RV Owner, the Muscle Behind the Hustle

We’re located in New Lenox, Illinois, and when we say “from our home to yours,” we’re not joking. Our headquarters have been located everywhere from our bedroom to our basement, and sometimes our kids make guest appearances in our Zoom calls.


We’ve had a lot of crazy jobs in our life (everything from truck driving to hairstyling!) but one thing that never changed was our love of crafts, quilting, and the outdoors. So, when we started making designs, we made things that we would want to buy. Then we realized: other people think they’re pretty cute too. 


Nowadays, we’re super jazzed to be providing a reliable income and flexible schedule for a team of hardworking women in our community who are moms, students, and everything in between! Are you ready? Let’s jam.