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Half Square Triangle Quilted Pillow

Need a fun quilted pillow pattern? This tutorial is a great way to use 10 inch squares.
For this pillow, I used a layer cake of Pollinate Fabric by Jessica Swift for Art Gallery Fabrics.First, I chose my favorite 5 pieces from the bundle. (it was difficult!)  Then, I cut each of those 10x10" square into 4  5"  squares.
Once all of your 5" squares are cut, separated them in to 2 piles. 
One pile of darker and one pile of lighter fabrics. Then you will match up of each dark piece with a light piece that coordinate well.
Now, using 1 set at a time, put a set of dark and light color together, right sides together and using an acrylic ruler and fabric marker draw one diagonal line from corner to opposite corner.  
Now, take all your marked squares to the machine and sew a line - 1/4" - on each side of the drawn line.Next, cut down the drawn line (in between the stitched lines).   You will now have 2 squares of split fabric. 1/2 dark and 1/2 light. 
The 5" blocks need to be squared up. This can be done using the radius guides on your cutting mat, but I am always in a hurry...and lazy so I use my nifty HST cutting template made just for this!  
Once your blocks are trimmed and squared, you will want to assemble your squares 5 across and 5 down to complete a 20x20" pillow. You can place them in many different patterns, but for this particular pillow I made diagonal lines alternating dark with light color ways.
half square triangle throw pillow
tutorial on quilted pillow
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