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Hey there Quilter!

Here are some tips for using our quilt labels:

Sew on Polyester

*The polyester fabric is ready for you to cut, and sew without fraying.

* If using an Iron, be sure to use a pressing cloth.

*You can throw polyester labels into the washing machine. No special washing requirements. It will never wear off. Even after some tough love, your hard work will be good to go for many generations of snuggles & naptimes.


Sew on Cotton 

Must be sewn on, but is backed with HeatnBond Featherweight to hold your label in place while stitching.

*Preheat iron to medium heat, No steam. Press for 2-3 seconds

*Hand or Machine sew along edges. *Machine wash delicate and dry on low heat or no heat


 Iron on cotton 

*Backed with HeatnBond UltraHold.

No sewing is required. Sealing the edges is recommended for washable projects.

*Preheat your iron to silk setting, no steam.

Press the label onto the quilt with a circular

motion using firm pressure for 4-6 seconds

until the entire label is bonded.

Overheating will cause an insufficient bond.

*Machine wash delicate and dry on low heat

Bonus tip- Apply Fray Check to the edges to help prevent fraying

What’s the best way to add a quilt label? So glad you asked.

You can stop Googling it. We made you this video full of tips and tricks. 

Thank you SEW much for supporting our small business. If you need more quilt labels or sewing supplies, use code THANK YOU for 10% off your next purchase

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