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Love in Every Stitch Satin Labels

Love in Every Stitch Satin Labels

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These washable, thermally printed labels are made of polyester satin.

And, personalized with your name!

This purchase is for 25 labels.

Each label will measure approx. 2 x 2.5" flat. Once folded, you will have 1/4" for a seam allowance.

The tags must be folded in half and sewn into or under seams or binding.

The top and bottom of the label are not heat sealed and are prone to fraying or unraveling. Stitching under or inside seams is required to prevent this. We are not responsible for fraying on the seam allowance.

We ship these tags to you flat. You will need to fold each label in half and then sew it into the seam allowance of your item.

The sides of the tags are heat-sealed and will not fray. You need only be concerned with the edges that are to be sewn into the seam of your item.

The tags are soft and pliable.
Polyester satin tags are machine washable and can be dry-cleaned. They should retain their print quality for approx. 50 cycles. We recommend using a delicate cycle and mild detergent to prolong the life of your tags
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